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This Old House

Book Layout

This was a project for This Old House. The guidelines were:

  1. Create a book design that is branded to fit with present guidelines
  2. Design the grid structure to be used by differing page layouts
  3. Wrap the type around images as needed
  4. Add captions to the various images
  5. Resample the images
  6. Set type and proof
  7. Build press-ready mechanical
Doug Arnold – Design: This Old House Book Design

Digital Assets

This assignment was to create digital assets from vector files provided by the client. The gradient effect was achieved in Illustrator. I scaled and arranged the icons into the desired groupings: one 2x set for Retina devices and one 1x set. The requested screens were comped up in Photoshop. The deliverables were broken out into sets of png files — the most lossless image compression format for the web.

Doug Arnold – Design:

Boston Public Schools


This wall poster was designed to bring attention to the components of a Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model using appropriate imagery and an infographic that was also designed for an updated website.

This project for the Boston Public Schools began as a website redesign and then expanded to include logo and infographic design and this 68 x 44 inch poster.

Design: Boston Public Schools/Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model

The Mental Health Association of Rhode Island

Logo design, t-shirt design, letterhead, #10 envelope, business card, historical timeline, bumper stickers, and signage

The historical timeline, t-shirt, bumper stickers, and signage were all designed to fit the new brand identity of the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island.

The letterhead was created in Microsoft Word with the header and footer placement for the logo and address. The #10 envelope uses the same sun graphic and tagline from the t-shirt design.

Doug Arnold – Design: The Mental Health Association of Rhode Island
Lifting People Up T-shirt design

For this t-shirt design, I thought about the components that would inspire people. The sun at the top (with its rays) followed by the logo/url locked unit followed by a memorable tagline – which was a collaborative effort; the Executive Director and a staffer and I arrived at just the right phrasing. The font was chosen for its friendliness and spirit.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Harris Center for Eating Disorders

The Annual Newsletter for the Massachusetts General Hospital – Harris Center for Eating Disorders was built upon a grid that was flexible as the content increased; that was a more elegant solution than putting boxes around the copy. I picked up the colors from the existing blue & gold icon. The mission statement was used as a repeating element and the ghosted image in the 2009 edition grounded the back page well.

Doug Arnold – Design: Massachusetts General Hospital: Harris Center for Eating Disorders

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