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Jim Ricciardi

VP/Group Director, Creative, Digitas

Opening Quotation symbolI have worked closely with Doug for the past 14 years. I hired Doug full time at Ingalls and at Hill Holliday Advertising as a Senior Mac Artist. Doug’s passion for his craft goes beyond my expectations. His design sense and typographical experience make him a valued team member. He always finds way to better our product by offering valid suggestions. Doug is easy to work with and understands InDesign and support software to its fullest. Once on your team, he’ll dedicate all his knowledge and drive to help create a successful atmosphere.”

David Gardiner

Executive Vice President at Hill Holliday

Opening Quotation symbolDoug is a meticulous and passionate production artist. For years, we have worked closely together to establish standards for big brands that require excellence and consistency to maximize the impact of their advertising spend. I trust Doug on a project — he takes total ownership.”

David Scott

Senior Art Director at Digitas

Opening Quotation symbolI’m very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Doug. He is a talented, versatile designer who can design a responsive web page, lay out a multipage deck and polish up a logo for print — all without breaking a sweat.

Doug’s defining characteristic is his stellar work ethic and unwavering passion to make the work better. He is always pushing the work, asking the right questions and seeking out the answers. He made every project he touched better.

Doug is a team player with a great attitude that brings his ‘A’ game to every project. His talent, intelligence and diligence would make him a valuable asset to any team.”

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