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Food Service

Antonia's Italian Cuisine
Doug Arnold – Logo Design: Antonia's Italian Cuisine

Jack requested an old-time badge around the logo and a font that he could use for his brand identity. Fenway Park JF and Papyrus were used together. The badge was build in Illustrator from researched badges.


Boston Public Schools
Doug Arnold – Logo Design: Boston Public Schools: Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model

This logo was originally used for the website redesign for the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model project for the Boston Public Schools. It was part of a website rebranding project.


Not Just Another Coffeehouse

This logo was created for the Not Just Another Coffeehouse website. The creative brief requested elements of music, musical instruments, and food offerings combined with a suitable tagline. They liked the curvilinear music staff solution.


The Mozaic Room Coffeehouse
Doug Arnold – Logo Design: The Mozaic Room Coffeehouse

This logo was part of the brand identity for a coffeehouse in Avon, MA. The color shift of Mozaic from black to red was used to suggest “more” variety of musical entertainers.

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